First Midas Technology

Structured Cabling

A common complaint among network administrators is the network going down on a frequent basis. Network downtime problems can often be attributed to inferior cabling systems rather than hardware faults or issues and could potentially be significantly decreased by installing standards-compliant integrated cabling systems.

A integrated cabling system is a single mixed media network that integrates all information traffic flow and incorporates voice, data, audio, video and more. Structured cabling also provides administrative and direction capabilities. This produces the high-performance networks that many businesses have come to rely on.

First Midas Technology is capable of handling all your structured cabling or network cabling needs no matter the size of your network. We design and install flexible structured cabling systems that support integrated voice, data, video, security and sound systems regardless of their manufacturer. We will help you evaluate, design and install the optimum integrated structured cabling solution for your requirements.

Structured cabling and network cabling installations are at the base of any modern high performance information network. Designed to accommodate quick and cost effective moves, additions and changes, a structured cabling system can alleviate workflow disruptions and network downtime associated with enterprise restructuring.

A structured cabling solution for your network that is future ready is more important than ever. The First Midas team will work with you to evaluate and supply various types of integrated systems as well as design and install a network ready structured cabling system that offers maximum benefits with significant returns on investment.