First Midas Technology

Inverter (Supply, Installation, MCE & Repair)

Our inverters work online and supply the load in an operational state. The inverter stage is running from the battery, floated from the rectifier, generating voltage, which is synchronized to the alternate source.

Choose from our range of inverter capacities to meet your requirements. First Midas inverters are top-performing and reliable. Many banks and offices have enjoyed years of stable performance from our inverters, enabling them live or work in comfort, while saving tones of money. With the 1 year warranty on any of our inverters, you buy them virtually without any purchase risk.

Our inverters are not only designed to withstand the rigorous of our unstable public power system, they also offer the capacity to meet any scale of work load. Whatever your requirement, our ranges of inverters have capacity that matches it.

First Midas Technology has trained and experience Engineers who can carry out the installation and ensures you get your system expertly set up, guaranteeing years of reliable performance. You can trust our dedicated customer care team to provide all the hand-holding and support you may need.

Not sure what capacity is good for your load? Or want to evaluate different product/load calculations? Contact us to let our engineers guide you.